On Tue, 2016-09-13 at 13:18 -0400, Mike Hawes wrote:
> To whom this may concern,
> I found a bug in git while trying to push my website.
> I redid the process and it happened again.
> I also tried it on another computer and it happened again.
> I was wondering how to claim a bug?

Hi Mike,

When you think git does not behave as you expect, please do not stop
your bug report with just "git does not work".  "I used git in this
way, but it did not work" is not much better, neither is "I used git
in this way, and X happend, which is broken".  It often is that git is
correct to cause X happen in such a case, and it is your expectation
that is broken. People would not know what other result Y you expected
to see instead of X, if you left it unsaid.

Please remember to always state

 - what you wanted to achieve;

 - what you did (the version of git and the command sequence to reproduce
   the behavior);

 - what you saw happen (X above);

 - what you expected to see (Y above); and

 - how the last two are different.

See http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html for further

(The above was shamelessly copied from the "A note from the maintainer" mails)

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