On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 7:11 AM, Heiko Voigt <hvo...@hvoigt.net> wrote:
> How about just
>    git submodule add <submodulepath>
> ? I remember back in the days when I started with submodules thats the
> way I imagined submodules would work:
> 1. clone the submodule into a directory
> 2. git submodule add it
> 3. git commit everything
> Because that how you basically work with files.  So instead of adding
> another option I would rather like to autodetect that:
>  * its a relative path inside this repo that is passed to
>    'git submodule add'
>  * there is no .gitmodules entry
>  * and no .git/config
> ==> create those from a remote in the submodule
> Corner cases:
>  * If there is more than one remote we could tell the user to use an
>    option to specify which one to use.
>  * Barf in case there is no remote (not adding the submodule except -f
>    is used).
>  * If the gitlink is already there but no .gitmodules entry, 'git
>    submodule add' will just add the entry as if it was initially added.
> Instead of giving an error message that the submodule is already added
> we could actually be nicer to the user and try to fix things for him
> instead.

This makes sense to me. Possibly we could warn in this case, so that
the user knows that something was "off" but I don't think we should be
failing here...


> Cheers Heiko

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