> On 15 Sep 2016, at 23:17, Ori Rawlings <orirawli...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Importing a long history from Perforce into git using the git-p4 tool
> can be especially challenging. The `git p4 clone` operation is based
> on an all-or-nothing transactionality guarantee. Under real-world
> conditions like network unreliability or a busy Perforce server,
> `git p4 clone` and  `git p4 sync` operations can easily fail, forcing a
> user to restart the import process from the beginning. The longer the
> history being imported, the more likely a fault occurs during the
> process. Long enough imports thus become statistically unlikely to ever
> succeed.
> The underlying git fast-import protocol supports an explicit checkpoint
> command. The idea here is to optionally allow the user to force an
> explicit checkpoint every <x> seconds. If the sync/clone operation fails
> branches are left updated at the appropriate commit available during the
> latest checkpoint. This allows a user to resume importing Perforce
> history while only having to repeat at most approximately <x> seconds
> worth of import activity.

This looks interesting! I ran into the same issue and added a parameter to the 
p4 commands to retry (patch not yet proposed to the mailing list):

Would it make sense to print the "git-p4 resume command" in case an error 
happens and checkpoints are written?


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