Kevin Wern <> writes:

> It's been a while (sent a very short patch in May), but I've
> still been working on the resumable clone feature and checking up on
> the mailing list for any updates. After submitting the prime-clone
> service alone, I figured implementing the whole thing would be the best
> way to understand the full scope of the problem (this is my first real
> contribution here, and learning while working on such an involved
> feature has not been easy). 

It may not have been easy but I hope it has been a fun journey for
you ;-)

> On the client side, the transport_prime_clone and
> transport_download_primer APIs are built to be more robust (i.e. read
> messages without dying due to protocol errors), so that git clone can
> always try them without being dependent on the capability output of
> git-upload-pack. transport_download_primer is dependent on the success
> of transport_prime_clone, but transport_prime_clone is always run on an
> initial clone. Part of achieving this robustness involves adding
> *_gentle functions to pkt_line, so that prime_clone can fail silently
> without dying.


> Right now, a manually resumable directory is left behind only if the
> *client* is interrupted while a new junk mode, JUNK_LEAVE_RESUMABLE,
> is set (right before the download). For an initial clone, if the
> connection fails after automatic resuming, the client erases the
> partial resources and falls through to a normal clone. However, once a
> resumable directory is left behind by the program, it is NEVER
> deleted/abandoned after it is continued with --resume.

Sounds like you made a sensible design decision here.

>       - When running with ssh and a password, the credentials are
>         prompted for twice. I don't know if there is a way to
>         preserve credentials between executions. I couldn't find any
>         examples in git's source.

We leave credentail reuse to keyring services like ssh-agent.

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