Jonathan Tan <> writes:

>> handle_commit_msg(...)
>> {
>>      if (mi->in_line_header->len) {
>>              /* we have read the beginning of one in-line header */
>>              if (line->len && isspace(*line->buf))
> This would mean that a message like the following:
>   From: Me <>
>     -- 8< -- this scissors line will be treated as part of "From"
> would have its scissors line treated as a header.
> The main reason why I reordered the checks (in RFC/PATCH 1/3) is to
> avoid this (treating a scissors line with an initial space immediately
> following an in-body header as part of a header).
> (If this is not a concern then yes, I agree that the way you described
> is simpler and better.)

Ahh, OK.  I do not think anybody sane would do the "From:" thing,
but with the "does it look like 2822 header" check to decide if the
first header-looking line should be queued, another failure mode may

         -- >8 -- cut here -- >8 --
        Subject: real subject

        The first line of the real message
I personally do not think it matters that much, but if we wanted to
protect us from it we could easily do

        if (mi->in_line_header->len) {
                /* we have read the beginning of one in-line header */
                if (line->len && isspace(*line->buf) &&
                    !(mi->use_scissors && is_scissors_line(line))) {
                        append to mi->in_line_header strbuf;
                        return 0;
                /* otherwise we know mi->in_line_header is now complete */
                check_header(mi, mi->in_line_header, ...);

instead, I think.

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