Hi All!

First bug:

        git log -3 --pretty='%C(cyan)%C(auto)%h%C(auto)%d %s'

prints %h with the default color (normal yellow), but

        git log -3 --pretty='%C(bold cyan)%C(auto)%h%C(auto)%d %s'

shows %h with bold yellow, as if only the color was reset, but not
the attributes (blink, ul, reverse also work this way). %d and %s are
printed with the right color both times.

Second bug, maybe related to the first one:

        git log -3 --pretty='%C(bold cyan)%h%C(auto)%d %s %an %h %h %s'

The first line looks as expected. Well, almost: the '(' of %d is bold

The second line looks like this:

* %h, %s, %an with bold cyan;
* %h with bold yellow;
* %h with normal yellow and %s with normal white (default colors).

PS git version 2.9.2

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Anatoly Borodin

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