Alexander Inyukhin <shur...@sectorb.msk.ru> wrote:
> I have a lot of repos and a batch script to update them all,
> and I want to get rid of 'Fetching origin' and 'Already up-to-date.'
> messages leaving only new refs and tags.

There is an option `-q`, but it's too silent :)

As far as I can see, `git fetch` prints 'Fetching origin' etc to stdout,
and new refs/tags to stderr (don't ask me why). So

        git fetch blabla > /dev/null
should probably do the job.

Now, if you collect and save those logs, you may need some shell-fu to
redirect that stderr to stdout, but not to /dev/null. Something like

        (git fetch blabla > /dev/null) 2>&1

(run `git fetch` in a subshell)...

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