From: "Jakub Narębski" <>
W dniu 17.09.2016 o 20:39, Fredrik Gustafsson pisze:
On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 01:47:52PM -0400, Andrew Johnson wrote:

$ git help <verb>
$ git <verb> --help
$ man git-<verb>

I tested all three to confirm they were equivalent.

While I'm not able to answer your question, I can shred a little light
about them not being equal. For example using a windows machine

$ man git-<verb>

does not work and

$ git help <verb>

opens a webbrowser instead of a man page. Using a unix system I would
however assume that

$ man git-<verb>

would work since it's the standard way of getting help on those systems.

There is also additional difference.  There are help pages which are
not about specific Git command, but about concepts (gitcli, gitrevisions,
githooks, gitrepository-layout, gitglossary), or about files (gitignore,
gitattributes, to some extent githooks).

Those are only accessible with `git help <concept>` or, on OS with
installed 'man', also `man <gitconcept>`.

The `git revisions --help` does work ;-) But like you say, its apparent "command" name is 'gitrevisions'.

Thus real commands gave a git-command name, while concepts have a gitconcept name which can then be found via the man command.


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