Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

>> "git checkout -b foo" (without -f -m or <start_point>) is defined in the
>> manual as being a shortcut for/equivalent to:
>>         (1a) "git branch foo"
>>         (1b) "git checkout foo"
>> However, it has been our experience in our observed use cases and all the
>> existing git tests, that it can be treated as equivalent to:
>>         (2a) "git branch foo"
>>         (2b) "git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/foo"
>> ...
> I am still not sure if I like the change of what "checkout -b" is
> this late in the game, though.

Having said all that.

I do see the merit of having a shorthand way to invoke your 2 above.
It is just that I am not convinced that it is the best way to
achieve that goal to redefine what "git checkout -b <new-name>" (no
other parameters) does.

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