Jeff King <> writes:

> And this isn't really limited to the editor. It's more _annoying_ with
> the editor, but really "pager.tag" does not make any sense to set right
> now, because it is handled outside of the "tag" command entirely, and
> doesn't know what mode the tag command will be running in.

Stepping back even further, perhaps the whole pager.<cmd> was a bad
interim move.  For those who set "less" without "-F", being able to
set pager.<cmd> to false may still be necessary, but I am wondering
about setting it to true or a command string here.

It did mean well and may have helped when "git <cmd>" that produces
reams of output had not yet learned to auto-paginate as a stop-gap
measure by allowing users to set pager.<cmd>, but I wonder if the
ideal course of action was to identify (or "wait until people show
their desire") individual operating modes of various commands and
teach them to auto-paginate.  For example, "tag -l" may be one of
them that we would want to teach to.

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