Leandro Lucarella <leandro.lucare...@sociomantic.com> writes:

> Hi, starting from 2.10.0 I noticed that when using git log --oneline,
> if commits are signed with GPG, now the signatures are printed too, and
> it takes 3 lines for the signature information + 1 line for the title
> of the commit, so suddenly --oneline became --fourline :)
> Is this really intended?

I think so.  The documentation for --oneline may say "one line per
commit" but in reality, some things cannot be expressed on one line.
It should probably be described as "commit object name and its log
message is formatted to be on a single line" without limiting other
things that the user may have asked to be shown.

And show-signature is an example of what the user additionally can
ask that cannot be fit on a single line.  There probably are others.

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