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> On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 6:26 PM, Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> P.S. I have reworking of commit message parsing and enhancement in my
>> long, long and dated gitweb TODO list :-(
> Anything specific you could share?

Some of TODO I would have to bring from backups, as the computer on
which I did majority of gitweb development has since died (from old

The list includes:
- implement caching of gitweb output
- revamp handling of encoding (UTF-8 with fallback encoding)
- split gitweb into modules, while maintaining ease of install
- refactor handling of diffs
- better handling of config files
- document URI structure, perhaps revamp URI parsing and generation
- make commit message transformation generic
  (see below)

> One thing that would be a lot faster in Perl is if we didn't have to
> pass the log around as split-up lines and could just operate on it as
> one big string.

Well, there are a few transformations that commit message undergoes
in gitweb, including linking SHA1, optional linking of bug numbers
to bug tracker, and syntax highlighting of signoff lines (trailer

I would like to have this cleaned up, and refactored.  With all
those transformations we would need to keep account which parts
are HTML, and which not and need escaping (note: URI escape !=
HTML escape).

> It would make some code like git_print_log() a bit more complex /
> fragile, since it would have to work on multi-line strings, but
> anything that needed to do a regex match / replacement would be much
> faster.

Would it?  Did you perform any synthetic micro-benchmark?

> But OTOH I think perhaps we're worrying about nothing when it comes to
> the performance. I haven't been able to make gitweb display more than
> a 100 or so commits at a time (haven't found where exactly in the code
> these limits are), any munging we do on the log messages would have to
> be pretty damn slow to matter.

sub git_log_generic {

        # [...]

        my @commitlist =
                parse_commits($commit_hash, 101, (100 * $page),
                              defined $file_name ? ($file_name, 
"--full-history") : ());

Here you have it (it probably should be a constant; this number can be
found in a few other places).

Jakub Narębski

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