On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 08:57:45AM -0700, Stefan Beller wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 2:23 AM, Jonas Thiel <jonas.liersch...@gmx.de> wrote:
> > Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for your support -- I really appreciate 
> > that.
> >
> > @Jeff: Unfortunately, I do not know how to implement the patch you 
> > provided. Can you explain how to do that?
> I think this should do:
>     git clone https://github.com/git/git
>     cd git
>     # get the email
>     wget 
> http://public-inbox.org/git/20160921084841.phq7cfbagi5k7...@sigill.intra.peff.net/raw
>     # apply patch:
>     git am raw

I publish my topic branches via git, too, so it may be easier to replace
these steps with:

  git clone -b jk/ident-canonname https://github.com/peff/git
  cd git

>     make
>     make install

After installing, you probably want to do:


to run the new git (and make sure that any git sub-commands that are run
come from the built version, not the rest of the system).

I have access to an OS X system, but if I understand the bug correctly,
reproducing it may involve re-setting the system hostname, which is not
something I'll be able to do. But I'll give it a shot.


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