Lars Schneider <> writes:

>> If you need to re-roll your 'ls/filter-process' branch, could you please
>> squash this into the relevant commit c42a4cbc ("run-command: move 
>> check_pipe()
>> from write_or_die to run_command", 20-09-2016).
>> [Note that commit 9658846c ("write_or_die: handle EPIPE in async threads",
>> 24-02-2016) introduced async_exit() specifically for use in the 
>> implementation
>> of check_pipe(). Now that you have moved check_pipe() into run-command.c,
>> it no longer needs to be public.]
> Hi Ramsay,
> thanks for noticing this. I actually hope that I don't need another re-roll 
> :-)
> If I don't re-roll. Should I make a patch with this cleanup or do you
> take care of it?

I can just squash the the patch you are responding to into c42a4cbc,
with an additional paragraph "While at it, retire async_exit() as a
public function as it no longer is called outside run-command API
implementation", or something like that.

I do not offhand know if the topic is otherwise ready as-is, or
needs further work.  When you need to reroll, you'd also need to
fetch from the result of the above from me first and then start your
work from it, though, if we go that route.

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