Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

>  I think a separate commit for this is better than combining back to
>  2/3 so we can explain the problem properly (without making 2/3 commit
>  message even longer)
>  Not sure if you want to s/contains/contain/ in 2/3 by yourself or I
>  should resend the whole series. Let me know.

I think this 4/3 is not quite enough to fix the damage to the code
caused by 2/3.

Given that

 - set_git_dir_init() is is the only one that sets original_git_dir,

 - create_default_files() is the only one that uses
   original_git_dir, and

 - init_db() is the only one that calls set_git_dir_init() and

after 4/3 is applied, we should be able to remove the global
variable 2/3 introduced, make init_db() receive that information as
the return value of set_git_dir_init(), and pass that as a parameter
to create_default_files().

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