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the option `--honor-pack-keep` is not mentioned in the `SYNOPSIS` of
`git-pack-objects(1)` (`Documentation/git-pack-objects.txt`), only below
in the `OPTIONS`.

The same story with `--include-tag`, `--window-memory`,
`--max-pack-size`, `--no-reuse-object`, `--compression`, `--thin`,
`--threads`, and `--index-version`.

Is it a mistake, or different options should be treated differently,
like, often used vs. seldom used? But as far as I can see,
`--honor-pack-keep` is used pretty often by `git gc`.

PS The `--non-empty` block is indented with whitespaces, should it be

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Anatoly Borodin

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