Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> In nul_to_q and q_to_nul implementations (t/test-lib-functions.sh)
> we seem to avoid using "tr", even though q_to_cr and others do use
> it.  I wonder if we had some portability issues with passing NUL
> through tr or something?
>     ... digs and finds e85fe4d8 ("more tr portability test script
>     fixes", 2008-03-12)
> So use something like
>       perl -pe 'y/\012/\000/' <<\-EOF
>         ...
>         EOF
> instead, perhaps?

I actually think it would make more sense to add

    lf_to_nul () {
            perl -pe 'y/\012/\000/'

to t/test-lib-functions.sh somewhere near q_to_nul if we were to go
this route.

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