Brandon Williams <> writes:

>> If you are in a subdirectory of your superproject, say, a/,
>>     cd a && git ls-files --recurse-submodules -- "b*"
>> I would expect we would recurse into the submodule at "a/b" and find
>> "b/file-at-top-of-B".  What does the internal invocation to do so
>> would look like?  I would think "git -C b --super=b ls-files" that
>> is run from "a".

Actually, the internal invocation may have to be

        $ git --super=a/b ls-files -- "a/b*"

if the desired overall output needs to be in the "--full-name" mode.
That is, the top-level recursive one may be

    cd a && git ls-files --recurse-submodules --full-name -- "b*"

This top-level "ls-files" will have "prefix" set to "a/".  Because
it is run in the "--full-name" mode, after finding that the
submodule at "a/b" matches the given pathspec and deciding to
recurse into it, it needs to arrange that paths stored in the index
of the submodule are prefixed with "a/b/", not with "b/", when

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