"Eric S. Raymond" <e...@thyrsus.com> writes:

> Jeff King <p...@peff.net>:
>>               I am not qualified to write on the current state of
>> the art in CVS importing.
> I *am* qualified; cvs-fast-export has had a lot of work put into it by
> myself and others over the last five years.  Nobody else is really
> working this problem anymore, not much else than cvs2git is even left
> standing at this point.

It sounds like you, as a better qualified person, would be in the
best position to send an update to the documentation to tell people
not to use older and unmaintained ones and guides them instead to a
newer and better tool.

    ... ah, I notice that peff said the same already.

I'd be fine with reviewing and applying such a patch.


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