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> On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 04:44:00AM +0200, SZEDER Gábor wrote:
>> >     So 12 seems reasonable, and the only downside for it (or for "13", for
>> >     that matter) is a few extra bytes. I dunno, maybe people will really
>> >     hate that, but I have a feeling these are mostly cut-and-pasted anyway.
>> I for one raise my hand in protest...
>> "few extra bytes" is not the only downside, and it's not at all about
>> how many characters are copy-and-pasted.  In my opinion it's much more
>> important that this change wastes 5 columns worth of valuable screen
>> real estate e.g. for 'git blame' or 'git log --oneline' in projects
>> that don't need it and certainly won't ever need it.
> True. The core of the issue is that we really only care about this
> minimum length when _storing_ an abbreviation, but we don't know when
> the user is just looking at it in the moment, and when they are going to
> stick it in a commit message, email, or bug tracker.

Perhaps a compromise would be to adapt the length to the size of the
project _and_ keep a huge margin. So, essentially, we'd have small
projects stick to the 7 characters, and very quickly bump to 12.

So, for a fast-growing project, there would be a short window at the
beginning of the project where people could cut-and-past short hashes.
OTOH, small projects could keep these few columns of screen real-estate.

That said, I can certainly live without these 5 columns, don't take my
message as an objection to setting to 12 right away.

Matthieu Moy

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