On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 6:10 AM, Uri Moszkowicz <u...@4refs.com> wrote:
> I'm testing out the sparse checkout feature of Git on my large (14GB)
> repository and am running into a problem. When I add "dir1/" to
> sparse-checkout and then run "git read-tree -mu HEAD" I see dir1 as
> expected. But when I add "dir2/" to sparse-checkout and read-tree
> again I see dir2 and dir3 appear and they're not nested. If I replace
> "dir2/" with "dir3/" in the sparse-checkout file, then I see dir1 and
> dir3 but not dir2 as expected again. How can I debug this problem?

Posting here is step 1. What version are you using? You can look at
unpack-trees.c The function that does the check is excluded_from_list.
You should check "ls-files -t", see if CE_SKIP_WORKTREE is set
correctly for all dir1/*, dir2/* and dir3/*. Can you recreate a
minimal test case for the problem?
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