> * jc/attr (2016-05-25) 18 commits
>  - attr: support quoting pathname patterns in C style
>  - attr: expose validity check for attribute names
>  - attr: add counted string version of git_attr()
>  - attr: add counted string version of git_check_attr()
>  - attr: retire git_check_attrs() API
>  - attr: convert git_check_attrs() callers to use the new API
>  - attr: convert git_all_attrs() to use "struct git_attr_check"
>  - attr: (re)introduce git_check_attr() and struct git_attr_check
>  - attr: rename function and struct related to checking attributes
>  - attr.c: plug small leak in parse_attr_line()
>  - attr.c: tighten constness around "git_attr" structure
>  - attr.c: simplify macroexpand_one()
>  - attr.c: mark where #if DEBUG ends more clearly
>  - attr.c: complete a sentence in a comment
>  - attr.c: explain the lack of attr-name syntax check in parse_attr()
>  - attr.c: update a stale comment on "struct match_attr"
>  - attr.c: use strchrnul() to scan for one line
>  - commit.c: use strchrnul() to scan for one line
>  (this branch is used by jc/attr-more, sb/pathspec-label and 
> sb/submodule-default-paths.)
>  The attributes API has been updated so that it can later be
>  optimized using the knowledge of which attributes are queried.
>  I wanted to polish this topic further to make the attribute
>  subsystem thread-ready, but because other topics depend on this
>  topic and they do not (yet) need it to be thread-ready.
>  As the authors of topics that depend on this seem not in a hurry,
>  let's discard this and dependent topics and restart them some other
>  day.
>  Will discard.

So I just realized this is a big hint for me to pick up that topic; I assumed
you'd want to tackle the attr subsystem eventually, so all I was doing, was
waiting for your motivation to look at attr stuff to come back.

So what is the actual lacking stuff here?


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