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> Vasco Almeida <vascomalme...@sapo.pt> writes:
>> -                    warn << 'EOF';
>> +                    warn __ <<'EOF';
>>  Combined diff formats ('-c' and '--cc') are not supported in
>>  directory diff mode ('-d' and '--dir-diff').
>>  EOF
> Wow, didn't imagine gettext would pick this up.  Nice.

>From gettext documentation:

 15 Other Programming Languages
 15.5 Individual Programming Languages
 15.5.18 Perl
 [...] What are Strings And Quote-like Expressions?

 Perl offers a plethora of different string constructs. Those that
 can be used either as arguments to functions or inside braces for
 hash lookups are generally supported by xgettext.


 * here documents 

       print gettext <<'EOF';
       program not found in $PATH

       print ngettext <<EOF, <<"EOF";
       one file deleted
       several files deleted

 Here-documents are recognized. If the delimiter is enclosed in single
 quotes, the string is not interpolated. If it is enclosed in double
 quotes or has no quotes at all, the string is interpolated.

 Delimiters that start with a digit are not supported!

Jakub Narębski

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