Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <> writes:

>>  I suspect that this needs to be plugged to pathspec matching code;
>>  otherwise "git log -- 'Docum*/**/*.txt'" would not show the log for
>>  commits that touch Documentation/git.txt, which would be confusing
>>  to the users.
> I do want non-recursive "*" in pathspec and "**" can help retain the
> recursive "*" semantics. But can we just flip the coin at some point
> and change "*" semantics in pathspec from recursive to non-recursive?

Fair enough; that indeed is a valid concern.  Something like
":(glob)" magic may be necessary as an early step.  Longer term
(like Git 3.0 where we might say "screw the existing users" and
redesign "if we were doing Git from scratch"), it would be nice to
have excludes, attributes and pathspecs all share the same syntax,
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