On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 03:43:13PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Stefan Beller <sbel...@google.com> writes:
> >> +static struct sha1_array *get_sha1s_from_list(struct string_list 
> >> *submodules,
> >> +               const char *path)
> >
> > So this will take the stringlist `submodules` and insert the path into it,
> > if it wasn't already in there. In case it is newly inserted, add a 
> > sha1_array
> > as util, so each inserted path has it's own empty array.
> >
> > So it is both init of the data structures as well as retrieving them. I was
> > initially confused by the name as I assumed it would give you sha1s out
> > of a string list (e.g. transform strings to internal sha1 things).
> > Maybe it's just
> > me having a hard time to understand that, but I feel like the name could be
> > improved.
> >
> >     lookup_sha1_list_by_path,
> >     insert_path_and_return_sha1_list ?
> I do not think either the name or the "find if exists otherwise
> initialize one" behaviour is particularly confusing, but I do not
> think "maintain a set of sha1_arrays keyed with a string" is a so
> widely reusable general concept/construct.  As can be seen easily in
> the names of parameters, this function is about maintaining a set of
> sha1_arrays keyed by paths to submodules, and I also assume that the
> array indexed by path is not meant to be a general purpose "we can
> use it to store any 40-hex thing" but to store something specific.
> What is that specific thing?  The names of commit objects in the
> submodule repository?
> I'd prefer to see that exact thing used to construct the function
> name for a helper function with specific usage in mind, i.e.
> get_commit_object_names_for_submodule_path() or something along that
> line.

I did not name this function too precisely to keep it's name short since
everything specific was quite long, like the suggestion from Junio.

Since this is a static function local to the submodule file I was
assuming anyone interested would just look up the usage and immediately
see the purpose. If I look into submodule-cache.c where I have a similar
functionality we used 'lookup_or_create' for this create on demand
functionality. So a function name would be:


Which seems quite extensively long for a static function so how about
we shorten it a bit and add a comment:

        /* lookup or create commit object list for submodule */


Cheers Heiko

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