On 12.10.16 18:05, David Brown wrote:
> Howdy git gurus,
> I have the dubious distinction of working with a remote repo (master) that 
> has a class loader run-time error when cloned, built and executed.
> The reason for the runtime issue is a directory hierarchical path has to 
> directories (folders) with the same name spelling but one of the directories 
> is camel-cased. The package names are the same.
> The compiler doesn't care but the run-time class loader has an issue with the 
> 2 'same like named' classes.
> How to remove the offending directories and files at the locally cloned repo 
> but not push 'deleted' directories and files back to origin/master the remote 
> repo?
> Please advise.
> Regards.
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It is somewhat unclear, which issue the class loader has.
What does 
git ls-files | grep -i "sameNameBitDifferent"
say ?

What do you mean with 
"How to remove the offending directories" ?

Just run
rm -rf "offending directories" ?

Or, may be
git mv dir1 NewDir1

If you don't want to push, you don't have to, or what do I miss ?

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