Normally when I use interactive add, I just want to add files to the
index via simple numbers, instead of typing paths. So I'll do this as
quick as I can:

1. Type `git add -i`
2. Press `u` after prompt appears
3. Press numbers for the files I want to add, ENTER key
4. ENTER key again to go back to main add -i menu
5. Press `q` to exit interactive add
6. Type `git commit`

This feels very tedious. Is there a simplified workflow for this? I
remember using a "git index" unofficial extension to git that let you
do a `git status` that showed numbers next to each item (including
untracked files!) and you could do `git add 1, 2, 3-5`, etc.

Thoughts? Even though this feels like I'm complaining, honestly I am
just consulting the experts here to see if I'm missing out on some
usability features. Thanks in advance!!

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