Thank you for info, I totally missed that. Yes, this fixes the issue


On 14.10.2016 15:42, Jeff King wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 03:16:50PM +0200, Petr Stodulka wrote:
>> I have realized that this wasn't fixed after all when refs.c
>> was "rewritten". Issue is caused by broken symlink under refs/heads,
>> which causes infinite loop for "git ls-tree" command. It was replied
>> earlier [0] and Michael previously fixed that in better way probably,
>> then my proposed patch 2/2, but it contains more changes and I have not
>> enough time to study changes in refs* code, so I propose now just my
>> little patch, which was previously modified by Michael.
>> If you prefer different solution, I am ok with this. It is really
>> just quick proposal. Patch 1/2 contains test for this issue. If you
>> will prefer different solution with different exit code, test should
>> be corrected. Basic idea is, that timeout should'n expire with
>> exit code 124.
>> [0]
>> [1], branch "ref-broken-symlinks"
> I think I fixed this semi-independently last week; see the thread at:
> I say semi-independently because I didn't actually know about your
> previous report, but saw it in the wild myself. But I did talk with
> Michael off-list, and he suggested the belt-and-suspenders retry counter
> in my second patch.
> The fix is at e8c42cb in Junio's tree, and it's currently merged to
> 'next'.
> -Peff

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