Hey everyone,

It took me some time to get to the next version as I was a bit
preoccupied with my assignments and exams. The diff between the v14[1]
and v15[2] can be found here[3] because gmail web client will wrap the
lines. Thanks Junio for the reviews in v14. I have tried to solves
every issue raised in the previous round.

The major changes in this series are:
 * Use the char * instead of struct strbuf in struct bisect_terms.
 * Use goto mechanism for error handling.
 * Use get_sha1_committish() instead of just get_oid() because there
is also ^{commit} at the end of the call from shell.
 * Use skip_prefix() where ever required.
 * Use return error() instead of die() where ever possible.
 * Restructure a part in bisect_start() to make it more readable.
 * Change the comments in bisect.c to use return instead of exit
because the code does it.
 * Introduce a test to check for cleanups in after bad merge base to
make the patch 15/28 more understood.
 * Also keeping comments in bisect.c to show at which places there
would be cleanups and where not.
 * Restructure bisect_replay() and get_next_word().

[3]: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23323581/

Pranit Bauva

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