On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 01:42:12PM -0700, Howard Johnson wrote:

> This link below is broken in the man page.  (I'm on Debian Jessie).
> [...]
>        Formatted and hyperlinked version of the latest Git documentation can
>        be viewed at http://git-htmldocs.googlecode.com/git/git.html.

This is fixed already in f793582 (doc: git-htmldocs.googlecode.com is no
more, 2016-06-22), which is in git v2.9.1. Debian testing/unstable are
at v2.9.3, but Jessie is still on v2.1.4.

I don't know the policy for cherry-picking patches to Debian stable
releases. I think only security fixes are done immediately, but
"important" fixes get rolled into stable updates every few months.
I don't know that this is "important", but it does point to information
that grew stale outside of the release's control, and as a trivial
documentation-only change, it shouldn't cause a regression.

+cc Jonathan, who works on git packaging for Debian.


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