Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> In the upcoming commits, we will implement more and more of rebase -i's
> functionality inside the sequencer. One particular feature of the
> commands to come is that some of them allow editing the commit message
> while others don't, i.e. we cannot define in the replay_opts whether the
> commit message should be edited or not.
> Let's add a new parameter to the run_git_commit() function. Previously,
> it was the duty of the caller to ensure that the opts->edit setting
> indicates whether to let the user edit the commit message or not,
> indicating that it is an "all or nothing" setting, i.e. that the
> sequencer wants to let the user edit *all* commit message, or none at
> all. In the upcoming rebase -i mode, it will depend on the particular
> command that is currently executed, though.

Makes tons of sense.

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