Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

> I agree. Which is why I wrote "we probably want something in the same
> spirit but limited to .gitattributes and .gitignore only". In other
> words we could have core.someName that makes .gitattributes and
> .gitignore patterns case-insensitive (or core-sensitive). If it's
> present, it overrides core.ignoreCase. If it's not present,
> core.ignoreCase decides. I'm just not sure if the new config should
> cover everything involving filename's case in git. That's too big to
> fit in my head.

Once I stopped thinking about this as "filename's case", it does fit
my head ;-)

I view the proposed knob as making patterns in .gitattributes and
.gitignore case insensitive, iow, it is a lazy and useful short-hand
for (mentally) editing "*.c attr" to "*.[cC] attr" without touching
these files.

And I agree that the knob that is missing in today's Git should
default to whatever core.ignoreCase's value is, iow, on case
insensitive filesystem, attr and ignore may match case insensitively
in today's Git, but when the knob is introduced, it should allow
forcing case sensitive match there by setting it to false, just like
the knob is proposed to be used in the oppositite direction to force
case insensitive match regardless of the case insensitiveness of the
underlying filesystem.

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