Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> The sequencer is our attempt to lib-ify cherry-pick. Yet it behaves
> like a one-shot command when it reads its configuration: memory is
> allocated and released only when the command exits.
> This is kind of okay for git-cherry-pick, which *is* a one-shot
> command. All the work to make the sequencer its work horse was
> done to allow using the functionality as a library function, though,
> including proper clean-up after use.
> To remedy that, we now take custody of the option values in question,
> requiring those values to be malloc()ed or strdup()ed

That is the approach this patch takes, so "eventually release" in
the title is no longer accurate, I would think.

> Sadly, the current approach makes the code uglier, as we now have to
> take care to strdup() the values passed via the command-line.

I obviously disagree with that statement and the _entrust was too
ugly to live, but it is obviously subjective, and it boils down to
who has a better taste.  Let's not go there.

> +
> +     /* These option values will be free()d */
> +     opts->gpg_sign = xstrdup_or_null(opts->gpg_sign);
> +     opts->strategy = xstrdup_or_null(opts->strategy);

xstrdup-or-null does make things cleaner.

> +static int git_config_string_dup(char **dest,
> +                              const char *var, const char *value)
> +{
> +     if (!value)
> +             return config_error_nonbool(var);
> +     free(*dest);
> +     *dest = xstrdup(value);
> +     return 0;
> +}

So does this.

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