Stefan Beller <> writes:

>> Where at the end-user facing level does this trailing "/." surface
>> and how does the difference appear to them?  I think that is the
>> crucial question.
>> Unless there is some convincing argument why "." is not special
>> (i.e. counter-argument to the above "bus vs sub" and ". vs sub"
>> example), I would think "existing users with /." does not matter.
>> If they are "relying" on the behaviour, I would think it is not
>> because they find that behaviour intuitive, but only because they
>> learned to live with it.  IOW, treating all of A/B/C the same way
>> would appear to them a strict bugfix, I would think.
> I see, so we should adapt the windows style and chop off '/.'
> to make A,B,C all the same, because internally we never produced
> These came in via hand edited .gitmodules files.

Can you elaborate a bit more on this?  

Without seeing "The user added X/. instead of the usual X because
s/he wanted to see Y happen.  If s/he had X there, Z would have
happened instead of Y" and why being able to expect Y to happen is a
good thing (compared to Z), we may fail to notice why the more
"intuitive" (at least to me) "these three must result in the same
outcome: path/to/dir, path/to/dir/, or path/to/dir/." does not serve
a legitimate use case.

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