On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 10:38 AM, Jonathan Tan <jonathanta...@google.com> wrote:
>  Existing trailers are extracted from the input message by looking for
> -a group of one or more lines that contain a colon (by default), where
> +a group of one or more lines in which at least one line contains a
> +colon (by default), where

Please see commit
for an example where I think this is overly broad.

Another made up example, that I'd want to feed
in commit -s eventually:

demonstrate colons in Java

First paragraph is not interesting.

Also if using another Language such as Java, where I point out
Class::function() to be problematic

This would lack the white space between the last paragraph and
the Sign off ?

So for this patch I am mostly concerned about false positives hidden
in actual text.

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