I have 3 remotes registered in my clone:

origin, fork, drive

When I do:

$ git log --oneline --decorate --graph

I only want to see branches under:


I tried the following:

$ git log --oneline --decorate --graph --simplify-by-decoration
--remote=origin topic1..master

However, I still see refs present in the graph for 'drive' and 'fork'
remote tracking branches. I can't tell if these are shown simply
because other refs not excluded by my options happen to also be at
that SHA1, or if the log command is still generating the graph based
on other branches.

What I'm expecting is that I literally see NONE of those excluded refs
on the graph, even if other included refs also happen to be positioned
at those commits. It's the visualization of the refs I'm concerned
about: I have a lot of remote tracking branches in those remotes that
clutter the view; I'd rather not see them at all (in addition to the
graph not considering them when it is being built/generated). Am I
misunderstanding the purpose here? How can I achieve my goals?
Documentation hasn't really helped me out here.

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