> * st/verify-tag (2016-10-10) 7 commits
>  - t/t7004-tag: Add --format specifier tests
>  - t/t7030-verify-tag: Add --format specifier tests
>  - builtin/tag: add --format argument for tag -v
>  - builtin/verify-tag: add --format to verify-tag
>  - tag: add format specifier to gpg_verify_tag
>  - ref-filter: add function to print single ref_array_item
>  - gpg-interface, tag: add GPG_VERIFY_QUIET flag
>  "git tag" and "git verify-tag" learned to put GPG verification
>  status in their "--format=<placeholders>" output format.
>  Is this ready for 'next'?

Hi, I saw this on the previous "what's cooking." Is there anything I
need to do on my side to make sure this is ready for next?


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