Stefan Beller <> writes:

>> I am not sure.  Certainly we would want to make sure that the normal
>> case (i.e. no funny trailing junk) to work correctly, but we do want
>> to protect the fix from future breakage as well, no?
> Exactly. So not intermediate "root" that we clone from, but adapting the
> relative URLs. Maybe half the broken tests can switch to 'root' and the others
> go with the current behavior of cloning . to super.
>> Perhaps we can do a preliminary step to update tests to primarily
>> check the cases that do not involve URL with trailing "/." by either
>> doing that double clone, or more preferrably, clone from "$(pwd)"
>> and adjust the incorrect submodule reference that have been relying
>> on the buggy behaviour.  With that "root" trick, the test would pass
>> with or without the fix under discussion, right?
> I assume so, (not tested).

OK.  Thanks for sticking with it.

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