Am 10/22/2012 13:50, schrieb Felipe Contreras:
> On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 8:35 AM, Johannes Sixt <> wrote:
>> Another thought: In your use-case, isn't it so that it would be an error
>> that the process exited for whatever reason? I.e., even if it exited with
>> code 0 ("success"), it would be an error because it violated the protocol?
> How is that violating the protocol?

Because the helper stops talking too early. But as I said, I actually
don't know the protocol.

I was just infering what I saw in transport-helper.c: get_helper() dup's
the output of the helper process and stores it in data->out (after
fdopen()ing on it). (The original file descriptor is handed over to
fast-import or fast-export.)

Actually, I didn't find a spot where data->out was used except to fclose()
it. But I take it that there is a reason that it exists and infer that
further output from the helper is expected by something after fast-import
or fast-export have exited.

But I may be completely off...

-- Hannes
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