Am 21.10.2012 07:57, schrieb Michael Haggerty:
> Move the responsibility for normalizing the prefixes passed to
> longest_ancestor_length() to its caller.  In t0060, only test
> longest_ancestor_lengths using normalized paths: remove empty entries
> and non-absolute paths, strip trailing slashes from the paths, and
> remove tests that thereby become redundant.

t0060 does not pass on Windows with this change. Bash's path mangling
strikes again, but the real reason for the failure is that
test-path-util does not normalize its input before it calls into
longest_ancestor_length(). It is not sufficient to reduce the test cases
to normalized ones, because due to path mangling on Windows they are
turned into unnormalized paths (with backslashes instead of forward

I suggest to export the new normalize_ceiling_entry() and use it from
test-path-util. Then don't change or remove existing tests.

-- Hannes

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