Am 10/24/2012 0:23, schrieb Jeff King:
> For the fold-on-rebase idea, I'd think you would want something similar,
> like setting rebase.foldNotes to "foo" to say "refs/notes/foo contains
> pseudo-headers that should be folded in like a signed-off-by".

If you are rebasing anyway, you can already use interactive rebase's
--autosquash option:

# a late ACK came in:
git commit --allow-empty -m'squash! tile: support GENERIC_

Acked-by: A U Thor <>'

git rebase -i --keep-empty --autosquash $forkpoint

Requires git 1.7.11 for --keep-empty and requires to edit out the
'squash!...' headers when the editor appears during the rebase.

-- Hannes
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