Since Junio is gone for a few weeks, I'll be doing my best to fill in.
My plan is to pick up topics from the list and keep development moving
on "master" and "next". I'm not planning on cutting any releases, which
should be fine unless some emergency comes up which would require a
quick v1.8.0.1.

I'll publish my branches at:


There's nothing new there yet. Now that the 1.8.0 dust has settled, I'm
going to start graduating existing topics to master, according to the
comments from the latest "What's Cooking" messages. I'll also rewind
"next" soon-ish.

I've picked up a few topics from the list already, but there's some
backlog. My goal for Wednesday is to process the rest of that, push out
an integration cycle, and then send out a What's Cooking with the
current state. If you have a topic in flight with no response, I
probably just haven't looked at it yet. If you don't see it in the next
WC, though, I probably missed it and you should resend.

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