I seem to write these kinds of e-mails fairly regularly...

When running t9401-git-cvsserver-crlf:

expecting success: 
    check_status_options cvswork2 textfile.c "" &&
    check_status_options cvswork2 binfile.bin -kb &&
    check_status_options cvswork2 .gitattributes "" &&
    check_status_options cvswork2 mixedUp.c -kb &&
    check_status_options cvswork2 multiline.c -kb &&
    check_status_options cvswork2 multilineTxt.c "" &&
    check_status_options cvswork2/subdir withCr.bin -kb &&
    check_status_options cvswork2 subdir/withCr.bin -kb &&
    check_status_options cvswork2/subdir file.h "" &&
    check_status_options cvswork2 subdir/file.h "" &&
    check_status_options cvswork2/subdir unspecified.other "" &&
    check_status_options cvswork2/subdir newfile.bin "" &&
    check_status_options cvswork2/subdir newfile.c ""

not ok - 12 cvs status - sticky options

I have tracked it down to a sed expression that is parsing the output of cvs 

49:    got="$(sed -n -e 's/^\s*Sticky Options:\s*//p' "${WORKDIR}/status.out")"

The problem is that cvs outputs "Sticky Options:\t\t(none)\n", but OS X's sed 
doesn't recognize the \s shortcut.  (According to re_format(5), \s is part of 
the "enhanced" regex format, which sed doesn't use.)  

It works if I change \s to [[:space:]], but I don't know how portable that is.

~~ Brian Gernhardt

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