On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 07:58:04PM +0200, Thomas Ackermann wrote:

> - target "html" creates html for all files in Documentation/howto and
> Documentation/technical


> +TECH_DOCS = technical/index-format
> +TECH_DOCS += technical/pack-format
> +TECH_DOCS += technical/pack-heuristics
> +TECH_DOCS += technical/pack-protocol
> +TECH_DOCS += technical/protocol-capabilities
> +TECH_DOCS += technical/protocol-common
> +TECH_DOCS += technical/racy-git
> +TECH_DOCS += technical/send-pack-pipeline
> +TECH_DOCS += technical/shallow
> +TECH_DOCS += technical/trivial-merge

I wonder if these could even be part of the generated api-index.html
(that is, if somebody is reading about the API, they just as well may
want to see these format documents). But I do not overly care much, as I
(and I suspect most other developers) just read the technical
documentation in its original txt format.

If somebody cares, we can easily build it on top.

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