Am 25.10.2012 17:06, schrieb Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin:
> At work, we use a lot of submodules (several levels of submodules actually).
> As we also work with development branches, we use scripts to resync the whole 
> checked-out tree (mainly in automated integration)
> We recently run across an issue where a branch (dev) contained a submodule 
> while it had been removed in master and the files were imported in a 
> subdirectory with the same name (probably using git-subtree).
> Basically:
> On dev:
> * top/refs(submodule)/file1
> On master:
> * top/refs(dir)/file1
> Outside the fact that it is quite hard to move from one branch to the other 
> while having a perfectly clean tree checked out underneath, we manage to end 
> up into a weird (invalid) state
> that was neither clearly described nor "easy" to cleanup (using standard git 
> clean/checkout/reset commands).

<snipped example without submodules>

> The issue is, there is no way from folder2 to see that something "wrong" is 
> going on inside your tree!
> As we manage to reach this state using only standard git commands (I'll try 
> to reproduce it) with submodules, and this being part of an automated flow, 
> it is quite worrying.
> We may actually be committing in the wrong repo and pushing the wrong things 
> around.
> Is there or should there be a way to look for such issues? And is this an 
> expected behaviour?

Unfortunately this is how things work at the moment. If you remove a
submodule its work tree will currently stay around nonetheless. And
when you replace it with a directory containing files tracked by git,
things start to get really weird when you do checkouts crossing that

But the solution to that problem is coming closer. The first step was
to move the .git directory out of the submodule's work tree, so that
we are able to remove it without loosing any history. The next step
will be to enable git to remove and re-add submodules on checkout. The
"remove a submodule" part already works in my - still experimental -
recursive_submodule_checkout branch at my github repo. The thing that
is still missing - apart from tests ;) - is that checkout has to learn
to look into the to-be-checked-out .gitmodules to be able to populate
a re-appearing submodule. I plan to add that for git fetch first (so
it can fetch submodules the user showed interest in but which aren't
currently checked out) and after that I'll reuse it for checkout.

But that's still some work to do and will take some time ...
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