Jeff King <> writes:

>> It took me a while to dig it up because the topic is so old, but
>> is the thread I had in mind.  The idea of rename detection followed
>> soon afterwards.
> Thanks for an interesting read. Your diff-tree-helper patch is very
> similar to what I wrote.
> I do think the right decision was made back then. The single-process
> model is much more efficient, and it was over 10 years until somebody
> actually wanted to expose the functionality to a script (and even now,
> I'm not convinced enough people want it to even merit inclusion).

Well, 10 years ago the person in the thread who argued "who cares
about producing patches?  each step in plumbing should do one thing
and one thing only and do so well" was Linus, so your coming up with
the diff-tree-helper again may indicate that we may want to step
back and retry the experiment again, perhaps?

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