Am 26.10.2012 21:54, schrieb Francis Moreau:
> On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 9:08 PM, Jens Lehmann <> wrote:
>> Am 26.10.2012 16:07, schrieb Francis Moreau:
>>> I'm trying to use the --submodule switch with git-diff but doesnt
>>> understand the following behaviour:
>>> $ git diff 2c9a257718d1803de720f95766ff256d33accad5 HEAD
>>> diff --git a/configs b/configs
>>> index 16c6a89..ce12289 160000
>>> --- a/configs
>>> +++ b/configs
>>> @@ -1 +1 @@
>>> -Subproject commit 16c6a89f245f0eed7fb0bce8e027c59fcf1d543e
>>> +Subproject commit ce12289c5bfca7b2c423d9f1871c13ad1ba1dc32
>>> but adding the --submodule option gives:
>>> $ git diff --submodule=log 2c9a257718d1803de720f95766ff256d33accad5 HEAD
>>> Submodule configs 16c6a89...ce12289 (commits not present)
>>> Could anybody enlight me ?
>> The output "Submodule configs 16c6a89...ce12289 (commits not present)"
>> contains same SHA-1s, only in their abbreviated form. That is the same
>> information you get without the --submodule option, but in shorter
>> format: it says the submodule moved from 16c6a89 to ce12289 in the
>> given commit range of the superproject (and the "..." part tells us it
>> wasn't a fast-forward). The "(commits not present)" part indicates that
>> even though git diff would have wanted to show you what happened in the
>> submodule between 16c6a89 and ce12289 by displaying the first line of
>> each commit message, it couldn't because these commit(s) are not present
>> in the submodule repo. If you do a "git log --oneline 16c6a89...ce12289"
>> inside the submodule you'll get an "unknown revision" error for the same
>> reason.
> Well, no the commits are present in the submodule, that's what I tried
> to show with the first 'git-diff' command I did in my previous post
> (without the --submodule switch).

Oh, that only shows the commits of the submodule recorded in the
superproject and not that they are present there (you'll even get
that output when the submodule was never initialized and is empty).

> And to check again, this is the result of git log:
>   $ cd configs
>   $ git log --oneline 16c6a89...ce12289
>   ce12289 test 2
> [...]

That is weird, "git diff --submodule" should show that too. Is there
anything unusual about your setup? (The only explanation I can come
up with after checking the code is that your submodule has neither a
.git directory nor a gitfile or the objects directory in there doesn't
contain these commits)
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