On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 4:26 AM, Aaron Schrab <aa...@schrab.com> wrote:
> I came across this odd question on stackoverflow:
>         http://stackoverflow.com/q/13092854/1507392
> If git diff is run with "..." as a separate argument between two commit-ish
> arguments causes it to produce strange output.  The differences seem to be
> the same as if "..." was left out, but change lines begin with 4 + or -
> characters rather than just 1.
> Can anybody explain what is happening here?  I don't have any reason to want
> to use that form myself, but I'm very curious about why it produces this odd
> output.

I'm curious too. It shows this to me

diff --cc .gitignore
index a188a82,a188a82,a188a82,a188a82..d4473d8
--- a/.gitignore
+++ b/.gitignore
@@@@@ -2,9 -2,9 -2,9 -2,9 +2,6 @@@@@

Notice the --cc in the first line, which is combined diff. Usually
combined-diff is between two points and one parent. Though somehow git
passes 4 parents down combined-diff.c:show_combined_header, as you can
see in the "index" line. I think we should fix rev parsing code as it
does not make sense to pass 4 identical parents this way.
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