Hi Andreas,

> Is grep not finding a match an error?  Is cmp finding a difference an
> error?  It all depends on the context.

Manpage of grep, exit staus:

   "Normally, the exit status is 0 if selected lines are found and 1
otherwise. But the exit status is 2 if an error occurred, ..."

cmp uses the same convention (albeit not reported in its manpage).

I am not stating that all linux commands and utilities follow exactly
the same convention, but these
two are at least consistent with themselves always returning an exit
status that has a well defined meaning. git-config returns
consistently the exit status, it only issues in certain cases messages
and in others not. A consistent solution could be for it to return 0
upon success, 1 when the section or key is absent, and 2 when the
config file does not exist or is corrupt issuing also an error


>> How can otherwise the user tell a corrupted configuration file from a
>> missing key?
> You cannot, as long as your configuration file is well-formed, because a
> missing key is an expected condition in many cases.
> Andreas.
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