On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 02:05:14PM -0400, Phil Hord wrote:

> I'm currently splitting this out into a series and reconsidering some
> of it along the way.  I need some guidance.
> I want to support these two modes:
>   A.  'git status --short' with sequence tokens added:
>        ## conflicted
>        ## merge
>        ?? untracked-workdir-file
>        etc.
>   B.  Same as (A) but without workdir status:
>        ## conflicted
>        ## merge
> The user who wants 'A' would initiate it like this:
>     git status --sequencer
>   or
>     git status -S
> How do I spell the options for 'B'?  I have come up with these three
> possibilities:
>     git --sequencer-only   # Another switch
>     git --sequencer=only   # An OPTARG parser
>     git -S -S           # like git-diff -C -C, an OPT_COUNTUP

Might it be easier to spell 'A' as:

  git status --short -S

and B as:

  git status -S

this is sort of like how "-b" works (except you cannot currently ask for
it separately, but arguably you could). If we have a proliferation of
such options, then we might need config to help turn them on all the
time (I'd guess people are probably already using aliases to do this).

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